Costa Rica on the Cusp

21 Oct

You might enjoy reading the adventures, trials and tribulations of settling in paradise.  The book “Costa Rica on the Cusp” i a collection of funny, challenging and true experiences recorded exactly as the happened, unabridged and without elaboration or artificial eloquence.

Or… You might enjoy reading a guide to the adventures, trials and tribulations of settling in paradise.  The book “So You Want to Live in Costa Rica” is a guide book that will give you the kind of insiders knowledge you might wish you had before you made your decision to move or not move to Costa Rica.

Or…  You might enjoy reading “Lovely Lolita of Costa Rica” which is a collection of true events that, if you are a man reading it, you could take hope from or maybe warning.  If you are a woman reading it you could use it to warn you man or scoff at him for being one.

All three are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, where you can read a more detailed description of each… or buy the e-book.

Therefore, this being my first post on my “blog”, and because I have no idea of how to use a blog… I’ll be posting interesting aspects of Plumita Pacifica with photos so you can see the paradise that could be a nice place for you to visit.  And I’ll be posting selected snippets from each of the three books.  It’ll probably be whatever I’m in the mood for at the time (Plumita Pacifica of something from one of the books).

Anyway I hope you find it interesting and I look forward to receiving your feed back.


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