SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise

17 Nov

This is the continuation of a series of blogs to promote the e-book SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA – which is a guide to… the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise… This is a guide book that will give you the kind of insider’s knowledge that you might wish you had before you made your decision to move or not move to Costa Rica.

Every blog entry will start with the appendix because that way when you read whatever else I have posted it will 1. make sense (I hope) and 2. give you a point of reference in case you realize you need to read something that is “archived”.  Because if you read every blog I enter you will have eventually read the whole e-book and won’t need to order it from Amazon or B&N.  All you’ll be missing are the photos that show what you might expect if you choose to undertake the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise.

As I said, I will start each blog with the appendix so that the reader can reference important elements of the book to archived blogs.  The page numbers shown are the actual page they appear on in the book. Here is the Appendix – and these are all the nuggets and their corresponding page numbers: Definition of “nugget” – 3, Doors & Windows – 7, Manufacturing – 11, Real Estate – 11, Shipping – 12,Maps, – 15, Corporations – 20, Traffic Cops – 23, Know basic Spanish – 30, Panama – 33, Roof Line – 42, Plumita Pacifica Web Address – 65, Getting the Best a Tico has to Offer – 84, Power Surges – 86, Liberia Airport – 88, Attitude – 104, Cellular Phones – 117, Newspapers – 18, Your Embassy – 137, Buying & Selling Cars – 154, Drive Slowly – 161, Arriving at the Airport – 168, Wages & Prices – 170, Undertows – 226, Life Ring – 230, Avoiding Customs Confiscations – 234, Driving Rules – 236, Walking in the City – 249, Purchasing Anything – 258, Buying Fresh Produce – 263, Bus Tickets – 272, to “Bribe” or not to “Bribe” – 313, Traffic ticket Prices – 315, Exiting the Country – 337

chapter 6 continued

This country has a lot of Mario’s, Maria’s, Juan’s, Jorge’s and Jose’s and it seems like the rest have names I have to make them spell and for sure can’t remember.

I’d like to test one of these people that can speak before a large audience and play back all their names at the end of their speech.  If they could do it here I’d be impressed.

I think my only dissatisfaction with Mario is that he didn’t save me from myself.  (The architect could have too but what do you expect from a flake.)  In typical tico fashion I think he presented his objection to a decision I made in the usually soft tico way and when I stood firm he let it go and built it the way I said.  I’m referring to the roof.  I’ve visited C.R. in almost every month of the year over the last five years and have never seen it rain in monsoon fashion even once during the rainy season.  Especially in the part of C.R. where I am which is noted as the driest part.

So since I like to BBQ a lot, and of course the BBQ is out on the deck, and there is often a lot of smoke rising from it, and since I have open beam ceilings which slope upward from the deck into the house, I instructed Mario to stop the roof short of overhanging the deck completely to allow smoke to rise without entering the house.  Stupid!  Because the house is just brand new and the first rain of the season must have been the monsoon type I still haven’t seen.  I happened to be in Ca. that week (thank goodness).  Because when I first saw my guard/caretaker couple (see My Security guard) upon returning to C.R. their eyes were as big as saucers as they described the flood they had to contend with in my house.


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