SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise

5 Dec

This is the continuation of a series of blogs to promote the e-book SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA – which is a guide to… the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise… This is a guide book that will give you the kind of insider’s knowledge that you might wish you had before you made your decision to move or not move to Costa Rica.

Every blog entry will start with the appendix because that way when you read whatever else I have posted it will 1. make sense (I hope) and 2. give you a point of reference in case you realize you need to read something that is “archived”.  Because if you read every blog I enter you will have eventually read the whole e-book and won’t need to order it for $2.99 from Amazon or B&N.  All you’ll be missing are the photos that show what you might expect if you choose to undertake the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise.

As I said, I will start each blog with the appendix so that the reader can reference important elements of the book to archived blogs.  The page numbers shown are the actual page they appear on in the book. Here is the Appendix – and these are all the nuggets and their corresponding page numbers: Definition of “nugget” – 3, Doors & Windows – 7, Manufacturing – 11, Real Estate – 11, Shipping – 12,Maps, – 15, Corporations – 20, Traffic Cops – 23, Know basic Spanish – 30, Panama – 33, Roof Line – 42, Plumita Pacifica Web Address – 65, Getting the Best a Tico has to Offer – 84, Power Surges – 86, Liberia Airport – 88, Attitude – 104, Cellular Phones – 117, Newspapers – 18, Your Embassy – 137, Buying & Selling Cars – 154, Drive Slowly – 161, Arriving at the Airport – 168, Wages & Prices – 170, Undertows – 226, Life Ring – 230, Avoiding Customs Confiscations – 234, Driving Rules – 236, Walking in the City – 249, Purchasing Anything – 258, Buying Fresh Produce – 263, Bus Tickets – 272, to “Bribe” or not to “Bribe” – 313, Traffic ticket Prices – 315, Exiting the Country – 337

chapter 6 continued

I have these special doors that I designed that are between my living room and the deck and between my bedroom and its deck.  They are a series of door panels with glass about 2/3 of the way from the top down with louvered bottoms for the last 1/3 all in a beautiful natural native wood frame.  I have them mounted on castors at the bottom and a swivel at the top that runs in a track such that if I want them open I can rotate them 90% and then push them aside.  Thus opening up the entire width of the two rooms to the deck and providing a beautiful unobstructed view with all the openness to the fresh air and the beach that I love.

But in the nearly two years I’ve lived here I’ve never closed them!   The place is just open to that magnificent vista and the breezes and the constant 80 degree (more or less) temperature all the time.

So there I sat looking at these pretty doors that never get used and it hit me… why don’t I take them down and mount them outside my deck on hinges like shutters.  I called a couple contractors, got competing bids and now I have these beautiful shutters.   Rain problem solved!

It was a simple project.  They mounted heavy duty teak posts that were secured at the bottom with several bolts into the concrete that supports the decks and bolted again at the top to the header beam that supports the roof.  All this structure is on the outside of my deck railing.  Then they hung the doors from the teak posts the way you would normally hang a door.  I can open them straight out so they come together in pairs and are virtually invisible from the inside or close and lock them.  The 2/3 glass just happens to coincide with the distance from the roof at that point to the floor of my deck so that when they are closed I’m looking out through the glass.

My view is still unobstructed and both rooms now have way more space than I know what to do with.  I guess I need to get creative with decorating now.

I can’t wait for the next good rain!  (Which most likely won’t happen till next rainy season because this one is about over.)


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