SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise

27 Dec

This is the continuation of a series of blogs to promote the e-book SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA – which is a guide to… the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise… This is a guide book that will give you the kind of insider’s knowledge that you might wish you had before you made your decision to move or not move to Costa Rica.

Every blog entry will start with the appendix because that way when you read whatever else I have posted it will 1. make sense (I hope) and 2. give you a point of reference in case you realize you need to read something that is “archived”.  Because if you read every blog I enter you will have eventually read the whole e-book and won’t need to order it for $2.99 from Amazon or B&N.  All you’ll be missing are the photos that show what you might expect if you choose to undertake the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise.

As I said, I will start each blog with the appendix so that the reader can reference important elements of the book to archived blogs.  The page numbers shown are the actual page they appear on in the book. Here is the Appendix – and these are all the nuggets and their corresponding page numbers: Definition of “nugget” – 3, Doors & Windows – 7, Manufacturing – 11, Real Estate – 11, Shipping – 12,Maps, – 15, Corporations – 20, Traffic Cops – 23, Know basic Spanish – 30, Panama – 33, Roof Line – 42, Plumita Pacifica Web Address – 65, Getting the Best a Tico has to Offer – 84, Power Surges – 86, Liberia Airport – 88, Attitude – 104, Cellular Phones – 117, Newspapers – 18, Your Embassy – 137, Buying & Selling Cars – 154, Drive Slowly – 161, Arriving at the Airport – 168, Wages & Prices – 170, Undertows – 226, Life Ring – 230, Avoiding Customs Confiscations – 234, Driving Rules – 236, Walking in the City – 249, Purchasing Anything – 258, Buying Fresh Produce – 263, Bus Tickets – 272, to “Bribe” or not to “Bribe” – 313, Traffic ticket Prices – 315, Exiting the Country – 337

chapter 9 continued

I’ve already discovered that I can’t be found that way when strictly by accident during my December visit I just happened to be at bar… when a frustrated guy that was trying to find me came in and asked if anyone knew where Gary Davis lived.   I’m a bit hard to find because if you go down the road 500 meters north of bar… you can’t see my house looking down my road towards the beach through the dense jungle.

Anyway, back to ICE, finally they’re ready to go to my place.   They follow me.   We get there.   They get out of their truck and say “we can’t install your line”.   Now wait a minute, I’ve got a power pole at my driveway (that I had to pay for because that’s they way it works here), and another one at the main road about 200 meters away and the power line strung between them is at least 20 feet off the ground.   But no, the reason they can’t install my phone line is because they need another pole half way in between because their line (they say) will sag down low enough that someone could vandalize it.  So where do I get a pole and who pays for it and who installs it.   Guess what… me.   And they have no idea where I get one.   But I should call, and they write a name and number on a piece of paper, this guy who will come out to survey the situation and advise me.   It’s almost dark by now so I know there’s no sense calling now because these kinds of workers start early and usually knock off around 4pm.

The next day I call.   The guy says to call back next Tuesday morning.  I call.   He says he’ll be out next week.  This is not the guy I mentioned earlier that by luck I happened to be at bar…  But coincidentally when he showed up and I was again at bar…

(Which is really just a fun and funky old beach bar) but this story makes it sound like I drink a lot.  Actually I hardly drink at all.  A glass of wine with dinner is about it.  But everything was new to me and I wasn’t really settled in to my house so bar Junquillal was a good place to meet some of my neighbors, especially at sunset when people gathered there to enjoy the sunset, look to see if there might be a “green flash”, which I have now seen many times, and get their evening started.  Shortly after sunset is when I usually left because some of my neighbors and tourists got more than just “started”.  Anyway, he follows me to my place, looks at the situation and says “you need another pole” (he needs a security guard at this point).


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