SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

17 Mar

I decided not to call since I was afraid I would just get some secretary who would lose the message like the last one probably did, since the guy never did call.  I went to the municipality and found his secretary.  The door to her office was locked but I could see through the glass that she was having a private conversation on her cell phone.  I tapped on the door and to my surprise she got up and came over and opened it for me.   I waited for her to finish up her call and then explained to her that I wanted to change my appointment.   She got the guy on the phone and it turns out to be the guy I talked to when I was on the bus who also is the actual person I need to deal with and he speaks a little English.  I’m encouraged. 

Meanwhile my little street has gotten worse but Mario tells me that about a week ago someone from the municipality came and took pictures.  Hmmmm, wonder what that means?

Apparently nothing because that was two months ago.  I had the meeting with the municipality.  Interesting, there is this big U shaped table with about ten people sitting around it.  Kind of like a city council. 

Being weak in Spanish I couldn’t understand what everyone was saying but it turned out that the guy who I mentioned above was the main guy.  Everything was addressed to him.  I was second on the agenda. 

I thought that was fortunate because I really didn’t want to sit through an entire city council meeting just to plead my case.  But the first person on the agenda took one and a half hours to present what he had with video cameras rolling and the whole enchilada!   So when it finally became my turn I prefaced my presentation by saying “the good news is my presentation will take less than five minutes”.  I actually got some chuckles out of those sober looking faces sitting around the big U.


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