SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

14 Jul

Ah ha!  I’ve figured out how to beat the system in regards to paying the bills.  If I wait until my cell phone is past due but before they cut it off (sometime after the 20th but I’m not sure of the exact date).  And if I go in after the 22nd, I can pay them both.

Meanwhile, back to the internet/modems.  It’s now September (ten months after the beginning of this ordeal) and there are still no modems in the country.  I’ve been to stores in the U.S. and they agree that if ICE offers DSL, which they do, that a modem from the U.S. most likely would not work in C.R.  And to top it off, I arrive back from Ca. and have a message from RACSA (the dial-up only internet service provider) to call them.  I do. 

I am informed that since I signed up for service in January but have not made any payments since (of course!) that I am now in arrears by about $15 and my service (which I have never had) has been terminated.  If I want service I must go to a bank, pay $15 to a certain account number; fax to RACSA the payment receipt along with proof of my existence (copy of my passport), proof of corporate existence, and a letter signed by me requesting reinstatement. 

Ya thunk a orta wait tell a got me a modem?

Well, here’s a new twist.  It’s a week later and I happened to be walking past the ICE office and noticed there were only six or eight people waiting.  So I thought I’d go in and ask about modems.  I walked up to the security guard and asked my question.  He said something, in rapid fire Spanish, the only part of which I understood was “wait here”. 

He disappears but comes back in a minute and motions me to come ahead of the people waiting and talk to the girl behind the counter.  I look around to see if I’ll be attacked.  They all look calm.  I sit down and ask if/when they will have a DSL modem.  Much to my surprise they have them!  They’ve always had them.  Now I’m confused.  It turns out that it’s the dial-up modems that no one has.  But I don’t want dial-up.  I want DSL, which is what I thought I had signed up for in January.  I get excited.  Then she prints up this notice with BIG numbers on it (like the one before).  Then she informs me that DSL is not offered in my area yet.  I ask why give me the paper with numbers on it.  She says it will alert them to install a DSL modem when they offer service in my area.  When will that be?  She has no idea.

 I find it interesting that ICE will put you on a list for a service that they have no idea when they will offer.  In the mean time, I also discover that if I have DSL I don’t need RACSA.  RACSA is only for dial-up. 

You would think this would have been explained to me in the beginning.  I guess I’ll just chalk it up to one more example of government inefficiency/don’t give a shit.


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