SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

7 Feb

chapter 26 continued

The buses are not like the ones you saw in the movie “Romancing the Stone” with chickens and pigs inside along with the people.  They actually have the seats numbered and when you buy your ticket it will tell you your seat number. 

But because there are times when there simply aren’t enough buses they will allow you to purchase a ticket “de pie” meaning you don’t have a seat and must stand in the isle.  I’ve been on the bus a few times and seen the people standing the whole four and a half hours to S.J.  Looks grueling to me!  One time I arrived too late to get a ticket on the bus I wanted and I decided to try “de pie”. 

I lucked out because either someone didn’t show up along the way (the bus stops to pick people up) or maybe someone got off, but when the bus left the terminal there was an empty seat that I was able to keep all the way to San Jose.   (Isn’t that the title of a song?)     

I’ve had opportunities since then to go “de pie” and have been glad every time that I didn’t because the next bus that I was able to catch had people in the isle.  So the good news is they’re air conditioned (sometimes) and have almost comfortable seats that recline (about like an airplane seat).  But they’re definitely not fancy.  Oh, one more thing.  Half way to S.J. they make a potty stop at a big restaurant.  That’s a comical experience because they only stop for fifteen minutes.  There is no announcement.  The driver gets back on in exactly fifteen minutes, honks his horn once, closes the door and is off!  No head count.  No exception.  If you’re not on the bus… I’ve often wondered what I’d do if I missed it.


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