SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

9 Feb

chapter 26 continued

But once again, I’ve been reminded that my U.S. expectations need to stay in the U.S.  Having learned that buses can be sold out around holidays, I went to the ticket counter to purchase a ticket one day early during the Semana Santa (Easter week) holiday.  It seems as though the buses are always running so getting where you want to go is not a problem and as long as you have your ticket you also have an assigned seat.  They leave exactly on schedule, which amazes me, because I have not found anything else in C.R. that does anything on schedule.  Except closing maybe.  The stores do seem to close on time. 

Anyway, I bought my ticket but in looking at it more closely when I got home I discovered that the date of departure was that same day, but I wanted to go the next day, which was Friday (Good Friday).  The good news is that they have begun preparing the road for asphalt so the drive into Santa Cruz where the bus station is takes only about a half hour (instead of one painful hour).  So after I got over being mad at myself for not checking my ticket closely while I was still at the counter, I got in my car and made the trip back to Santa Cruz.  The guy behind the counter gave me a quizzical look because he knew he had sold me a ticket just an hour or so ago.  I figured I had not made myself clear that I wanted a ticket for Good Friday the first time because the departure time on the ticket was correct; it was that in my mind, the date was not the date I wanted.  So this time I emphasized “Friday”.  He said “no”, I said what do you mean “no”, he said no busses on Good Friday.  That’s when I discovered I had lost a day.  You see, when I asked for a ticket for tomorrow, he had given me one.  Tomorrow was Thursday, I thought it was Friday, I had twilight zoned out.   My friends here tell me that’s good.  I’m finally getting into the tico rhythm. 

Buses in S.J. are a different story.  Still no chickens or pigs but tons of people and there are more buses than I would ever attempt to count.  There are buses going all directions and on the narrow streets with an also uncountable number of cabs zipping around.  It’s amazing how few accidents there are. 

And do you think there is any such thing as a printed bus schedule?  Or a sign indicating a bus stop?  Or any indication of which bus goes where?  The people who live there seem to know. 

I’ve asked Al how does anyone know which bus goes where and when and where do you catch it.  He takes the bus all the time because his vision is to too limited to allow him to drive.  He couldn’t answer the question.  He just said “the people know”. 

Well, it’s obvious he knows but he couldn’t tell me how he learned it.  He’s lived there nearly fifteen years.  Maybe it comes to you by osmosis. 


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