SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

22 Feb

chapter 28 continued

So I decided on the one area allowed by the municipality that would allow me to have the freedom to come and go as I please.  I chose the “cabinas” option, loosely translated as cabins, it meant that I could build two stories as long as one of them contained some authorized business space. 

Therefore the second floor of my house is my residence, which commands a spectacular 225 degree view of one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful, pristine and unspoiled beaches and the first floor is composed of three completely furnished and equipped right down to the toothpicks one bedroom apartments (“cabinas”) that each have an unobstructed 180 degree view.

Two of the apartments are available as “cabinas” for tourists and the other is home to my caretakers Mario and Nidia, whom you have met in some of my other entries. 

Playa Junquillal is a very small and tranquil beach area with nice little resorts, all of which have good restaurants and other nice little restaurants and one funky fun little each bar where the gringo’s like to hang out, especially at sunset. 

But even as unnoticeable as you might think Plumita Pacifica would be to the bad guy’s, they are desperate for their drugs.  


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