SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

29 Feb

chapter 29 continued

Anyway, back to the main topic of “rain”.  There aren’t any paved roads around here.  There are lots of streams.  The soil has a high soft earth and clay content (mud when mixed with water).  Some of the bridges actually dip below the level of the road.  What do you think that all means during the rainy season?  You guessed it.  It’s good to have a 4×4 vehicle.

Locals had told me that there are times when the bridge that you need to cross to get in or out of Junquillal is covered so deep in water that it’s not safe (or totally impossible) to cross.  Well, I now have pictures of it from my side that way.  It’s awesome! 

This bridge is about four feet above the surface of the water during the dry season.  But even the guy with the big dump truck wouldn’t attempt to cross the other day. 

I did discover a back way out (for now) though.  It turns out that on my side of the bridge right next to the entrance to the bridge there is a little road that parallels the stream for a little ways but quickly gains altitude.  Even though the water also floods across the road at least there is a rocky entrance to the road which provides good traction.  So in low range 4-wheel drive I can plow though the water and then I’m out of it quickly as the road gains altitude. 

From there you wander back in the jungle for about a mile, ultimately make a couple of right turns and end up on a road that takes you back to the stream where there is a high bridge that crosses it and soon you come out on the other side of the bridge you can’t cross.  I guess it adds about twenty minutes to the trip.  But it’s exciting and you go through beautiful scenery. 


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