SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

1 Mar

chapter 29 continued

Then there is the issue of getting from the main road that goes by my house off of which you need to turn onto the little “street” that ends at the beach where my house is.   The reason I say “street” is because it is an official municipal street but even during the best of times you would think it’s just a long driveway.  It has never been maintained by anyone other than me.  Three years ago, one year before construction was to start, I had two feet of fill dirt put on my lot to raise it above the flood level.  In order for the company to get their big dump trucks down to my lot they first had to dump gravel on the road to prevent their trucks from getting stuck in the mud.  Well, so much for that.  Three years later (and one grader scraping, which I ordered and paid for, to level out the ruts) and I have an adventure each time I come or go from my house.

Getting out requires 4×4 because it’s an up hill climb.  Going in I don’t need 4×4 because it’s down hill and my momentum gets me through.  So the other day I thought I’d try creating a new road using part of the existing road and plowing through growth that is right beside the huge ruts that have formed from all the water running from the main road down my “street”.  (I now know how the Grand Canyon was formed.)  I got about ten feet into my new road and sunk clear up to the undercarriage in mud.  4×4 to no avail!  I couldn’t go forward or backward.  Luckily a couple ticos in a 4×4 happened by about then, saw my problem and tried pushing me by hand, which only had the effect of getting them sprayed with mud from my spinning tires.  So I jumped in their 4×4 and we took off looking for someone who had a chain.   It only took about a half hour to finally find a chain, they hooked up, and I was out.  Whew!


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