SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

25 Mar

chapter 29 continued

About a week later I ran into the main guy again and he said he was personally coming to P. Junquillal in two weeks.  Unfortunately I’ll be in Ca. if he actually does come.

Well, another month has passed with no action from the muni.  I’ve been stuck a few more times and finally broke down and bought some gravel myself that has made the little street passable (see Driving – Rainy Season). 

But I was able to help (sort of) save a dog from drowning today which is an interesting tell:  I wanted to go into Santa Cruz but when I got to the bridge I discovered it once again had about knee deep water going over it and really fast!  I didn’t feel like trying the alternate route since I hadn’t needed to use it for about a month and since I know how those muddy back roads can become impassable over night I decided to cancel the trip and just enjoy relaxing on a rainy afternoon. 

But as I was at the bridge surveying the situation I noticed a big work truck on the other side of the bridge was parked there also studying whether to attempt crossing.  Just then this big yellow dog walks up to the bridge on the other side, looks at the water for a minute, and then wades right in!   He got about eight feet before the water was too deep for him to touch bottom and the rushing water just washed him right off the bridge into the churning rapids on the down stream side!  He went under but popped back out about thirty feet down stream.  The two guys in the truck jumped out but the bank was too high on their side so all they could do was stand there and watch.  I jumped out and ran through the jungle to get down stream from the dog.  Here he came with just his head out of that muddy, churning water, paddling for my shore like crazy, with eyes as big as saucers.  I couldn’t get to him because of the brush that was in the way so all I could do was call to him and encourage him but he made it. 

He shook himself off, met up with another dog that had been watching also, they said their hellos and trotted off down another muddy little road together like nothing had happened.

 All’s well that ends well. 


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