SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

31 Mar

So I arrive in S.J., connect with #3, take her to dinner and explain that I’m going to P. Junquillal tomorrow (five and a half hour drive), and ask if she would like to go.  Much to my surprise…..yes.  Turns out she owns her own business, owns a house (very nice too) and has nothing to hold her back.  So we get to Junquillal, I meet the Realtor and sure enough the property has sold.  Further more he informs me that he has sold everything he knows of around there and is leaving himself to hopefully find greener pastures.  No problem for me, I’m going to have fun anyway plus I’m thinking I need to be looking elsewhere for property, thus Panama was next on my list of places to explore.

However, my Spanish still wasn’t strong enough to convey all this info to her and she spoke zero English.  So when I tried to explain that I wasn’t upset she didn’t get it and she says to me, in effect “you mean, this jerk, he makes you come all the way here just to tell you he has nothing to show you and he’s leaving too and won’t even be around to help you?”  She was livid and I was no help.  The next day I’m lying by the pool at this neat little resort where I was staying and she’s off chatting with the owners when all of a sudden she comes over to me and says “I found your property!” 

They knew someone who knew someone who knew of a lot that fit my parameters perfectly (a good example of the “rule of 6”).  I bought the lot later, by the way.  It’s where I built Plumita Pacifica.  But don’t you appreciate an assertive woman like that?  I do.  Unfortunately, she had almost zero sensuality or she might still be in my life. 


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