SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

5 Apr

chapter 32


Once again I’m in Guanacaste where you can actually get comfortable with a little speed.  And once again I round a curve and there he is, in the middle of the road, pointing to the side, and there are two of them.  I’m screwed.  It’s off to wherever to stand in some long line to pay a stupid ticket.  By the way, 60kph translates to about 40mph, and these are lightly traveled roads in relatively good condition (only has Volkswagen sized potholes every few miles) with good visibility so it’s easy to feel comfortable at 90 or 100kph.  But I’ve since figured out how they set their speed traps.  They put the new speed sign on your side of the curve or slight rise where you can’t see what’s ahead and they position themselves on the other side so that as soon as you see the sign it’s too late.  Because the law is that as soon as you pass the sign you’re supposed to be going whatever the posted speed is.  So even if you slammed on your brakes as soon as you saw the sign you’d still be exceeding the speed limit by the time they’ve got you on radar.

I’ve been tempted since that time when it’s only one cop to just run the asshole down.  There are never any other cars around, it’s just me and him, but…  Anyway, I pull over for these two cops a little ahead of the nice shady place they have their car parked, and in this case a motorcycle too.  Only one cop walks up to my car.  I guess they drew straws to see who has to stand in the hot sun and deal with the gringo.  So the guy goes through the same routine the first guy did and I notice once again he’s not writing anything in his ticket book.  So I figure, what the heck play stupid gringo and see what happens.  So I ask “how much ($50 this time), and can I pay you?”  To my surprise he say’s yes.  I happened to have two 20’s and a 10, he say’s “buen dia”, and I’m on my way!  I’d like to know if he split it with his buddy (probably).  It’s a great racket for these guys.  I can just hear them when they get home.  “Had a great day, honey.  Nailed a few gringos.  Let’s go out for dinner.”

But I’m wise to their tricks after a couple more tickets and this leads me to My Radar Detector.


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