SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

18 Apr

Now, my Spanish is better, but I still have a long way to go, especially if one is using technical terminology.  I notice that neither of them is holding a radar gun so that explains why my detector never went off, but what the hell is he trying to tell me?  So I look at where he’s pointing.  There are two stickers, which I’ve always wondered what they were for (now I only wonder what the other one is for), and he keeps saying “Marchamo”.  They’re both standing there starting to sweat (much to my delight because I still have my motor running and A/C on) and I’m beginning to understand what he has been repeating over and over.  It seems he’s telling me that one of my window stickers is invalid and the guy who’s been standing there clinking the tools is going to take my license plates.  What!?  So now what do I have to do?  Oh, I think I understand.  It seems that I have to go to the bank to pay the fine first, then go to the government insurance office for a new sticker (Marchamo), then take the sticker to the court house to get a receipt, then go to the police station (god knows which) in San Jose (five and a half hours away) to present all this and get my license plates back.  Holly shit!  So I resign myself to this new adventure and say “OK, take the plates and give me the f…… ticket”.  At which point he invites me out of the car to walk back to his car in the shade where I see there is a 3rd cop.  This is interesting.  He points to the third cop and say’s “el habla ingles”.  Well why the hell didn’t he have the guy come up to the car in the beginning to explain all this to me?

Anyway, the cop that speaks English explains the whole deal to me again and I say “how could it be that my Marchamo is invalid when I just took possession of the car in December and it’s only January now?”


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