SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

22 Apr

chapter 33 continued (this is no joke, but it is funny)

The next lesson was equally as interesting. 

By now I know their tricks (or some of them).  I’m in an area of heavily wooded but gently rolling hills, the last posted sign was 80kph, I’m doing 90 or 100 and as I crest a hill three things happen almost simultaneously.  I see a sign up ahead that says 40 kph, I hit my brakes hard, and my detector goes off.  By the time I went by the sign I had probably slowed to 60 but I see the cop way in the distance and know he’s licking his chops.   I know his detector will show whatever speed I was doing before I even got to the sign. 

He will do the math and hit me with a hefty fine for doing 60 kph more (or so) than the posted 40 kph.   I pay that and he takes his wife to dinner twice!  Sure enough he’s motioning me to pull over.  I slowed enough so I could, but then I see he has a car parked in the shade, not a motorcycle. 

I so enjoyed the look on his face as I hit the accelerator and blew past him.  F… him, he can trap some other gringo.


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