SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

23 Apr

chapter 34

TICKET # 3 (after a slow speed chase)

This is a story that, if nothing else, might cause you to have a different perspective towards the government bureaucracy we complain about in the U.S.

It has been almost a year since I wrote My Radar Detector and between then and now by simply becoming familiar with C.R. cops speed trap methodology and detector alerts I’ve been able to avoid confrontation with the tricky bastards.

Here’s the technique I use:  my detector goes off, I see the cop, he’s invariably 200 + meters ahead of me, I stop and make a U turn immediately far enough away so he can’t read my plates, I back track until he can’t see me, I make another U turn and then progress within the speed limit as I listen contentedly to my detector chirping and wave at him as I go by.

But last week I had to drive my car to San Jose rather than use my preferred mode of transport, which is the bus.  If you’ve read Taking the Bus you’ll recall that I mentioned that one of the reasons that I prefer the bus is because of forever (seemingly) being behind a black smoke belching truck that can’t go more than 10mph on those curvy mountain roads.

Of course I found myself behind one truck after another because you can’t go more than a couple miles after passing one before you catch up to the next one.  The good news is that because they’re going so slow you can get around them quickly so that even if there is a curve up ahead you don’t have to take your life in your hands to pass.

On this occasion I had caught up to one but the road was actually straight at that point so it was an easy, stress free pass.  It happened to be right in front of a souvenir shop with a parking area in front and I saw the cop parked there as I made my pass.  To get around the truck didn’t even require violating the speed limit and the road was clear as far as the next curve so I made my pass with no concern for the cop.


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