SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

25 Apr

chapter 34 continued

Well, this being the macho country that it is, I guess the cop just couldn’t resist exercising his authority when he witnessed that a gringo with a powerful engine was able to take advantage of a brief brake… because a couple miles later I’ve got flashing red and blue lights behind me.

This fool kept motioning for me to pull over in places that were on curves and dangerously close to passing traffic so I ignored his antics until I came to a safe place where we both would be out of harms way.  It was actually a little comical because he would see me look in my rear view mirror and motion wildly for me to pull over.  I’d keep going. 

One time he pulled up beside me honking (I guess he didn’t have a siren) and was wildly pointing to the side of the road but had to drop back to avoid a head on collision with an on-coming truck.  Two other times he actually passed me, again pointing to the side of the road, and pulled off himself as though he expected me to follow him. 

I just kept going.  It had by now turned into an O.J. Simpson style slow speed chase.  The traffic behind us had backed off.  I can only imagine what those drivers were thinking. 

Finally I saw a place on the other side of the road where we could both get completely off the highway and be out of danger from being clipped.  On those curvy mountain roads there are very few places where there is an area wide enough to pull into safely.  Usually you have an upgrade on one side of you and a down grade on the other with a spectacular view.  But C.R. doesn’t seem to believe in shoulders or turnouts so if you have a reason to stop, like a flat tire, you just pray that nobody plows into you. 

Anyway, this wide place had a big pile of gravel in the middle of it and I pulled up just past it and stopped hoping to force him to stop on the other side of it and have to walk up to my car.  I guess he didn’t like the fact that I ignored his macho and used common sense because he came skidding up behind me in the loose gravel and barely missed colliding with me.  He was so anxious to nab me he actually slid into the gravel pile so that his vehicle had partially climbed it.  Maybe I shouldn’t have got out of my car laughing. 


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