SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

29 Apr

chapter 34 continued

I arrived in S.J. early Wednesday afternoon, got checked into my hotel, had lunch and then headed to a BN branch near the hotel thinking that enough time had passed that my ticket would be in the system.  Nope.  After waiting a half hour in line at the bank the teller informs me that it takes 22 to 24 days for a ticket to be entered into the system.

Ok, enough of this shit… I’m a U.S. citizen and the U.S. Embassy is in S.J.   I decide it’s time to quit playing the Costa Rican bureaucratic ineffectiveness game.  I call the Embassy and get Cesar in U.S. Citizen’s Services on the line.  He speaks good English, listens carefully and understands that I:

1. Am willing to pay the ticket

2. Need to visit the court on Friday

3. Am leaving for California in a week and a half and would like to have my license with me.

He puts me on hold while he calls BN then comes back on the line and tells me they told him I could go into a BN branch after 12 noon on Thursday and the ticket would be in the system so I could pay it.  I wait until 2pm Thursday just to give them plenty of time.  Nope.  Same story.  So once again I’m on the phone to Cesar.  This time when he gets back to me he say’s the bank suggested that I go to the government agency called COSEVI (don’t ask me what those initials stand for).  Apparently they get the ticket first and then ultimately get it into the banks system but Cesar assures me they say I can pay the ticket there. 

Well, it’s too late to go there Thursday because since it’s a government agency they close at 3:30. 


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