SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

2 May

chapter 34 continued

After about fifteen minutes some lady employee of the court calls me over and hands me an official looking paper.  I have no idea what, in her rapid fire Spanish, she’s trying to say.  Another person comes over and in Spanish that is much clearer explains that this paper is an order to release my license to me.  I don’t need to stand before a judge!!  Thank you Cesar!  It appears that the U.S. Embassy is given some respect.

In the last phone call I had with him on Friday after I had found COSEVI and paid I asked him to call the court to inform them that I was on the way there and to confirm to me that they were aware I was coming and the reason why I was coming.  When he got back to me he reminded me again that I would need to plead my case to the judge but confirmed that they were expecting me.

Ok, now I’ve got the official order to release my license to me in my hand, signed by a judge I never had to see, so I ask the lady to give me my license.  No.  It’s not there. 

I must go to the police station in a town called Esparza.  Except she kept pronouncing it Sparta.  I know where Esparza is but I’ve never heard of Sparta.  I ask her to show me this town on a map.  That’s when another lady in the office took pity on me and pronounced it correctly and pointed to it on a map they happened to have hanging on the wall.

With that problem solved, as incredulous as it seems that my license wasn’t at the court as Cesar was told by the court that it would be, the next challenge was to find the police station where the people at the court said it would be.  

Incidentally, Cesar really did save the day for me, so to speak.  Even though he never got accurate information from any of the bureaucracy’s, he was diligent in getting what he was led to believe was accurate and got that information to me quickly.  And he was also obviously influential with the court.  I’ve emailed him a “thank you”.


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