SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

4 May

chapter 34 continued

I walked in the door of the cop shop and announced the purpose for my presence before they had a chance to draw their guns.  You think I’m exaggerating but I’m not.  I guess not too many gringos barge into their office because when I saw one cop flip the holster strap off the hammer of his pistol I knew I better appear to be friendly.  

I handed the one who appeared to be the “desk sergeant” the order to release my license and he said that if they had my license they would only release it if I gave them a copy of my passport.  Remember, I had just given the lady at the court, which by now was an hour behind me, the only copy I had with me?! 

I did have my actual passport with me but they didn’t have a copy machine. 

Esparza is hardly more than a wide spot in the road so it’s not like you just go to your local copy place in that town.  But there was one friendly cop there who asked if he could get in my car and direct me to a store that had a copy machine. 

I snatched that order to release out of the hands of that other cop immediately because that was the only security blanket I had and no way was I leaving there without it and said “wait a minute, before we go any farther, lets see if you actually have my license”.   They pulled open a drawer and there must have been 300 licenses in there!  They actually had them cataloged and grouped by date of confiscation.  The “desk sergeant” started showing me licenses from stacks that were dated long before my incident and I saw lots of gringo licenses and of course tons of tico licenses.  Finally, one of the other cops realized that this idiot wasn’t looking at the correct stacks and told him to go to the group that was only three days old and there I was, right on top!


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