SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

8 May

chapter 35 continued

Now for the “juxtaposition”:

My beach, Playa Junquillal, is about two kilometers from a little “pueblo” called Paraiso.  The parade is the big Paraiso Christmas Eve event but it starts at the far end of Junquillal in a park and ends at the other far end of Paraiso. 

All the spectators gather along the part of the route that is in Paraiso, which is about the length of two football fields.  I asked Mario how many people live in Paraiso.  He said about 200.  I think they all turned out.

It was a typical parade crowd.  Most of the people were there early to get a good vantage point to watch the parade from.  Everyone was in a great mood, having fun, kids running around playing, and general feelings of good will being shared.  It was very much like what I remember from the years I was a resident of Pasadena, before I was a T of R member, and would go to the parade with my family.  Of course when there are only a couple hundred people it’s quite a bit more tranquil.

Finally the parade arrived at the little bridge that signifies the beginning of the Paraiso part of the parade route.

The first entry in the parade was the clowns, six of them.  In C.R. the typical clown costume is something that they wear on their shoulders that creates a figure that is about ten feet tall and has material that reaches all the way to the ground so you can’t see the person underneath.  Following them was a small fire engine from the town of Santa Cruz, which is 35 kilometers away and is the nearest town big enough not to be called a pueblo.  It didn’t have its siren or lights flashing but it was the “leader”.  Following that was a small Red Cross ambulance.  It did have its siren sounding and lights flashing.  Following that was a flat bed truck with the skinniest Santa I’ve ever seen sitting on the roof and a nativity scene on the truck bed and balloons tied all around it.  Following that was another flat bed truck, also with balloons and another skinny Santa sitting on the roof.  On the bed were eight pretty young ladies dancing to the music and rhythm of the next two entries.   The next entry was a group of youngsters playing drums.  I don’t know what it is about this country but they do have a fascination for drums, and they pound those drums like they’re trying to break them!   Following that was a pickup truck with a few youngsters in the bed playing trumpets and trombones.  Together with the drums, they were creating the sounds that the girls were dancing to.

That’s it folks!  That was the whole parade that the good people of Paraiso had gotten all dressed up for and came out to enjoy.  And enjoy they did!


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