SO YOU WANT to LIVE in COSTA RICA the Adventures, Trials and Tribulations of Settling in Paradise by Gary Davis –

12 May

chapter 36 continued and this is the end… hope you enjoyed it.

It became clear to me years ago here that gringos are a highly prized commodity for a tica.  They perceive us all as rich.  Even if we are not I guess you could say it is true that we are richer than the average tico.  And since the primary fantasy of most of the women in the world is to have security and good things for her little ones, etc., we look like a big security blanket.

Ok… I won’t bore you any further… here is the point.  Or better yet, here is the good news and the bad news.

If you’re a single male the good news is that you’ll be very popular.  The bad news is that you may also become a victim like the ones my tica lady friends laugh at.  They all have tica friends with new breasts or butts or a house or a car or some combination of the above who no longer have to put up with delivering what most men want.

If you’re a single woman there isn’t much good news for you.  I read an article in the Tico Times once written buy a gringa who pointed out that if you’re looking for your don Juan here you’ll have to compete with all the pretty little ticas.  And if it’s sex you want you may as well become a lesbian, also because of those pretty little ticas who are so willing if they can catch a rico (gringo or tico).

The best I’ve heard it put was by a gringo friend of mine who has lived here much longer than I.  “If a tica can catch a gringo it’s like you winning the lottery”.

Another word of caution for the men reading this is to be aware that ticas, for the most part, are sexy little things but also can be more devious than you ever could imagine.  Another article I read in the Tico Times was written by a private detective where he related many stories of gringos who had been well fleeced by the cute little thing that was actually giving all his gringo money to her tico boyfriend.

I have my own horror stories, which I did not include in COSTA RICA on the CUSP  and they won’t be included here either.

THE END… that’s the end of the book folks… hope you enjoyed it… it took over 200 posts to get the whole book, a little at a time, on my FB page.   So if you want to see all the photos you’ll just have to go to Amazon or B&N and for $2.99 you can download it.  Also, if you want the WHOLE story you can download Costa Rica on the Cusp, which includes the content of this book an also the content of Lovely Lolita of Costa Rica (fun reading mostly for guy’s) also $2.99 each.   Pura Vida  🙂


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